Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri, TMS for U & New York Medical Behavioral Health

Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri, MBBS, MD is heading the initiative for the New York Medical Behavioral Health, a professional corporation focused on integrative / functional /holistic medicine. We do on site care as well as make appropriate referrals in the community. TMS for U is also using telemedicine to broaden the scope of health care delivery. Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri is licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York and California.

Integrative medicine/functional medicine has focus on combination the different schools of medical thoughts to treat the individual and the environment related to one’s disease, health and wellness.

The general approach is to integrate information with different degrees of scientific support to assess risk benefit ratio to broaden our diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri started his medical education and training in India, where, he was a licensed general practitioner. In the US, Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri is licensed to practice psychiatry in New York and California. He has been practicing medicine for over 20+ years.

Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri’s medical education and early training started in India. In the US, after 4 years of further education and training in general and mental health, he finally finished a fellowship in psychosomatics at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. He has taught medical students and residents for years while pursuing clinical care track at various universities e.g. University of Missouri and the University of Rochester at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, New York. He has maintained an office based practice since late 1999 to present. The education and training has established a good working knowledge of mind, body and soul. He has integrative approach to his clinical work to enhance his treatment choices and effectiveness for his patients.

The recent clinical experience is showing that a vast majority of the patient referrals to his office for behavioral health are also due to or are associated with general metabolic health issues. These metabolic findings provide additional explanations for the patient complaints of fatigue, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, aches, pains, headaches, weight issues, and sexual issues.

Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri believes that our medical care system has created varying levels of clinical competences among the practicing clinicians. There is also a strong trend to refer patients to the specialists. The health care consumer ends up leading his medical decisions. He has to rely on medical information to make some degree of medical decisions particularly in chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, or chronic pain. Understandably, navigating the vast sea of medical information is a living nightmare and hence to connect with a trustworthy resource for support and treatment is paramount.

We welcome you to give us opportunity to care for you.