I was referred to the practice of Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri, MD, by the CANANDAIGUA Veterans Administration Medical Center. I had previously been a patient of the Veterans Administration since 1998 (Combat PTSD – Army). I had exhausted ALL available uni polar AND bi polar medications prescribed to me for the past 20 years. ALL pharmaceuticals available and trialed failed to provide therapeutic value to manage severe depression. With no available treatment remaining in the VA’s grasp, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), was authorized outside the VA System. I was introduced to Dr. Mahipal Chaudhri and wife Anu. I qualified for the TMS treatment protocol offered by Dr. Chaudhri and began a 6 week, every day regiment of holistic psychiatry. By session #3, I maxed the stimulation intensity offered by the technology resulting in my initial treatment of 45 minutes being reduced to a mere 20 minutes per session thereafter. Worried about pain? Take your index finger, tap your temple for 4 seconds, release for a 12 second rest period, repeat same process for a minimum of 20 minutes / maximum of 45 minutes. Watch TV or talk to wife Anu for the session duration. After a series of treatments (not many) trust me, you might even fall asleep during the process. It’s just THAT easy!  Results…varies per patient. For me…initial notice of change after 3rd treatment. Definitive notice of change (mood, level of depression, anxiety, drive, focus, etc.) after 4th week of treatment. Completion of 6 week treatment protocol…no signs of depression, anxiety, mania, mood change, etc.  Took the MMPI-2 diagnostic exam prior to TMS and immediately after…comparative study  results: severe, debilitating, depression, mania, mood fluctuation PRIOR to TMS commencement. 0% evidence of depression, mania, mood fluctuation AFTER TMS protocol. And here it comes folks…withdrew completely from medications AUGUST 10, 2018 while in treatment!  As of this writing,  3 and 2/3 months completely free of pharmaceuticals!!!  Invest your time with Dr. and Mrs. Mahipal Chaudhri to see if you are qualified for this procedure. I more than understand what you are enduring NOW. I lived it for 20 years. I am free of that daily misery. I have MY life back. I owe my present and future to this wonderful couple. Just call and see for yourself. Best of luck to all who review this testimonial. There is hope…explore the TMS option available to you.

Michael, Patient 


When I first heard about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), I was both hopeful and skeptical. I had been dealing with major depressive disorder for more than 18 years. At the time, I had tried a multitude of different medications over a period of about eight years because the prescription I had been on for a long time quit working after I tried to go off of it. Now, nothing was keeping me from having to go back into the hospital every so often. I was terribly tired of fighting the side effects… nausea, headaches, weight gain… and I was willing to try almost anything. However, the idea of trying Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) was overwhelming to me, and I was determined not to go that far. I read whatever I could find from different sources before my first TMS treatment, and everything said that the side-effects of TMS were minimal to nonexistent. So, I figured, why not give it a try.

During the first couple of weeks, I can remember still feeling miserable and wondering if it was worth the effort. The daily treatments were uncomfortable, and I left with a slight headache and a bit of a spacey feeling that lasted for about an hour. I was told that it would take time for the treatment to start making a difference, so I just kept going. I wondered if TMS was really going to work for me. I wondered if it was causing other problems that I wouldn’t find out about until it was too late. I wondered if this was all a big expensive mistake that was just wasting everybody’s time.

It wasn’t until the fifth week that I started to notice a difference. I wasn’t feeling “better,” but I could tell that something was different. In the sixth week, I could finally say that I was actually feeling better. It was a very slight change, but it was definitely better. As the weeks went on, things continued to improve. I was able to let go of my doubts and fears. Somewhere along the line, the headaches had stopped and the spacey feeling no longer bothered me. I was very glad that I had stuck with the treatments.

My first set of daily treatments lasted 9 weeks, after which I didn’t follow up again until I started having trouble with the depression about 5 months later. This time, the treatments made a difference more quickly. After 7 weeks of daily treatments, we continued with one treatment a week. This has kept me at a good level mood for about 4 months, and I am very hopeful that the good results will continue.

I am still taking one medication for depression, and I see my therapist once a week. I cannot over emphasize the importance of finding and sticking with a good counselor. I believe that counseling, in addition to the TMS treatments has helped me immensely.


TMS has made a tremendous difference in my anxiety and OCD. Prior to my treatment, I was debilitated by my thoughts, to the point of being unable to care for my son on my own. I dreaded each day and the challenges my thoughts presented. Treatment allowed me to live my life again, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Chaudhri and Anu for helping me to achieve a greater sense of clarity and purpose. The procedures were relaxing, painless, and effective. I would recommend TMS to anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, or OCD!