Psychotherapy Treatment

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is the general term used to describe treatment methods used to help those suffering from any mental or emotional disorders. Talking about your condition can help you learn more about what and why it is happening. Through talk you will be able to identify feelings, thoughts, moods and behaviors associated with your distress.

Psychotherapy will also help relieve challenges linked to serious mental health illness, such as, grief, anger, relationship problems, eating disorders and personality disorders.

Psychodynamic Therapy is for those whose depression is a residual affect from a past trauma, typically from childhood. Psychodynamic therapy aims to east mental or emotions stress caused by unresolved conflicts through discussion and diving into associated feelings. This form of therapy can last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Interpersonal Therapy focuses on social behaviors and interactions. Interpersonal therapy aims to boost self-esteem and improve everyday social skills. With proper focus, improvement can begin with a few short months (typically about 4).

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy aims to modify improper self-perceptions. Often, challenges a person experiences are a matter of how situations are perceived. Through this approach, the mental health specialist assists the individual in developing a new thought process, allowing them to make better, more accurate assumptions about themselves and others.

Lastly, psychotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with medication. It can successfully change behaviors, providing the individual with a better understanding of their situation and allowing them to positively change their ways. With a willingness to be open, honest and form a partnership with your therapist, psychotherapy can be extremely successful.