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Many depression sufferers have tried everything. 

They've tried anti-depressants...sometimes 3 or 4 different kinds.

They've tried traditional "talk" counseling.

They've tried following mental health advice.

They’ve listened to their friends and family tell them to “just choose to be happy”.

But for many people suffering from depression, none of the above have truly helped them find lasting relief.

Until now.

A new form of treatment known as TMS Therapy has been clinically proven to be effective at treating depression at its source.

TMS Therapy uses magnetic-stimulation to reach the part of your brain that controls whether you feel happy or sad.

In fact, TMS Therapy has been proven to be effective for ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​patients who didn't respond to traditional depression treatments.

TMS therapy can potentially help depression sufferers get off their antidepressants, which is a major plus for many patients.

TMS Therapy is:

  • ☑️ Safe
  • ☑️ FDA-approved
  • ☑️ Medication-free
  • ☑️ Covered by most insurances
  • ☑️ No systemic side effects

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Only 8 Weeks to Experiencing Happiness

Step 1 – Relax in our TMS chair.
Step 2 – Magnets treat your depression.
Step 3 – Repeat for 8 weeks.

In as little as 8 weeks, less than 20 minutes per session, TMS therapy can provide you a future free of depression.

Life does get easier and it starts here, today at New York Medical Behavioral Health.


TMS has made a tremendous difference in my anxiety and OCD. Prior to my treatment, I was debilitated by my thoughts, to the point of being unable to care for my son on my own. I dreaded each day and the challenges my thoughts presented. Treatment allowed me to live my life again, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Chaudhri and Anu for helping me to achieve a greater sense of clarity and purpose. The procedures were relaxing, painless, and effective. I would recommend TMS to anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, or OCD!