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Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) As An Alternative To Anti-Depressant Medication

Depression is a very common disorder affecting millions of Americans, typically between the ages of

Depression is also not one size fits all. Symptoms can vary from person to person, and degrees of
severity of those symptoms can vary from person to person. Since depression affects individuals
differently it can be difficult to figure out what is the best treatment option.

For decades the traditional methods of treatment have been mental health counseling, such as
cognitive behavioral therapy, and/or medication. For some, these treatments don't work, or it's a
long drawn out process of trial and

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Depression With Migraines. How To Combat The Symptoms.

One of the most common symptoms related to depression is chronic migraines. Anyone who has suffered from migraines can tell you how extremely painful and debilitating they can be. They are much more excruciating than the average “everyday” headache. Migraines can prevent you from enjoying all the things you want to do with your day.

For those who suffer from depression, this kind of pain on top of feeling down is very stressful and can lead you into an even deeper depressive state.

If you are one who prefers holistic methods to

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Ways To Get Better Sleep When Diagnosed With Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is one of those ailments that, in essence, has to be managed – there is no cure. And, as stated in the last post, chronic fatigue it is a symptom related to depression and can be caused by stress. However, it can manifest all on its own, and a failure to sleep could be a frustrating aggravating experience.

Whether or not you experience chronic fatigue alone, or its part of your depression, there are ways to take control, instead of letting it take control of you. Here are some

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Ways To Relax When Diagnosed With Chronic Fatigue As Part Of Your Depression

Chronic depression manifests itself differently in different people. For some, sleep comes easy. In fact, a constant desire to sleep prevails. However, for some the opposite is true: A failure to sleep. Chronic fatigue and constant restlessness is a common symptom of depression and a difficult one to manage. Stress is also a huge factor that relates to depression and chronic fatigue.

One of the challenges of chronic fatigue is an inability to get adequate sleep. As tired as you are you find yourself constantly tossing and turning and never getting

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How Yoga Can Help Relieve Anxiety And Depression

No matter what, if you experience depression, healthy eating and regular exercise helps. For those who are new to regular exercise routines it might be difficult to keep yourself going. Traditionally, the first rule of thumb is to find a workout you enjoy. If you do that you are most likely to be consistent and reap the benefits of steady exercise. And, for those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression, yoga is worth giving a try.

Yoga, as a workout, has a unique blend of calorie burning, muscle building powers along

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Natural Ways To Calm Down When Feeling Anxious

Anxiety affects different people in different ways, and it occurs in degrees. Symptoms of anxiety include, restlessness, constant worrying, agitation, fear, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and panic attacks. How one experiences these symptoms ranges in severity from a slight hindrance to all out debilitation.

Those with severe anxiety may turn to medication or treatments like TMS.

However, for those who experience anxiety irregularly or with less intensity, there are habits and activities that can help calm anxious feelings.

Journaling: Writing thoughts, feelings and emotions down can be a great way to “let it out.”

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How Diet Affects Mental Health

The human brain is at the core of what helps make the human body function. It’s the communication center for our senses, our breathing and all of our movements. And, just like any working machine, it needs fuel. And, for humans food is fuel. It stands to reason that the food choices we make have a huge impact on how our brain functions.

High quality foods packed with vitamins and minerals are good for brain health. Low quality foods filled with bad fats and too much sugar are

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Holistic Options For Treating Depression

Depression is not one size fits all. Depression manifests in many of different way and varies in degrees for each individual. Therefore, treatment is also not one size fits all. Unfortunately, due to this reality, figuring out treatment may take some trial and error.

For some, avoiding prescription medications is a priority. Or, at the very least, leaving medication for last if all else fails. There are many different kinds of holistic options a person with depression can try.

These are a few:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Also known as talk therapy, CBT can

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What To Do When Diagnosed With Depression

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a diagnosable psychiatric disorder categorized as having low-mood, low-energy, overwhelming feelings of sadness and a loss of interest.

Not a lot is known about what causes MDD. But, it is known that it can be related to a lot of different factors. The reason it manifests in one person may not be the same reason it manifests in another. It could be because of a disruptive life event, an illness or drug and alcohol use. It could also because of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

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