Are There Other TMS Locations Throughout the United States?

Yes!  Check to see if your insurance carrier has a list, or check out these lists for help depending on your area.  If you are moving and have a current TMS provider, check with them first to see if they have another location close to where you’re headed.

Is TMS FDA Approved?

Yes, TMS is FDA approved.  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy was approved in 2008 for major depressive disorder, or MDD.  The FDA has also approved TMS for migraines in certain circumstances in 2013.  Research is ongoing for TMS to be applied to other disorders like bipolar and anxiety, and results are promising, but more must be done.  Approval by the FDA is tough and time-consuming to achieve, and we are monitoring developments to stay up to date.

Is TMS Covered by Insurance?

TMS is currently covered by insurance only if it is being used to treat Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD.  MDD is often accompanied by other comorbid disorders like anxiety, sleep disturbances, difficulties with eating habits, etc.  People with MDD will often benefit from TMS in a variety of ways tangential to their depression.  Treat the depression and it might help you sleep better, decrease anxiety, and generally enjoy life more.  If you have no insurance, the clinic may have a payment plan, so we encourage you to inquire about your options.

Why Do People Use TMS?

TMS is typically used when other forms of treatment, like therapy and medications, aren’t helping or aren’t helping enough with depression, especially depression that is serious and is negatively affecting the life of the patient.  TMS is effective and generally well-tolerated with few, if any, side effects.  If you have diagnosed MDD that has not responded well to treatments like therapy and medication, talk with your general physician about other options.  We’re happy to help you investigate with your doctor and/or specialist to determine is TMS could be helpful for you, as patient safety is our top concern.