How to Get More Energy When You Have Depression

How to Get More Energy When You Have Depression

We treat patients with MDD (major depressive disorder) and other depressive disorders at Rochester  Holistic Psychiatry every day. A common question we get is, how do I get more energy when I have  depression? It’s not surprising. After all, some of the common symptoms of depression are lethargy, lack  of energy, feeling tired, or having trouble with the executive function needed to get moving.  

Getting more energy isn’t just about feeling more alert. With the experiences and accomplishments that  come with it, feeling more energetic helps our mental health in general. What are some ways to get  more energy when you have depression? 

Find small ways to make your days easier. Make space for yourself to move around and  concentrate on yourself. If cooking truly takes up too much time and stresses you out, it’s fine to  keep nutritionally sound frozen meals or grab-and-go food around. Fortunately, some of the  best foods for energy and mental clarity are quick to hand and require no cooking, like carrots  and hummus.  

If your body allows it, go outside and walk. Some people find going for a walk both calming and  invigorating. Some prefer to have a mission and destination, like walking to the grocery store.  It’s easy to forget how good fresh air and moving feels.  

Drink your water! Many of us live in a state of partial dehydration, so take inventory of how  much water you typically drink in a day and adjust accordingly. If plain water doesn’t appeal, try  adding a tea bag, crushed fruit, or sugar-free flavorings (remember to research the labels). Teas  like green, white, mint, and rooibos all have their own flavors and are good for you.  

Talk to your doctor about other solutions. If your sleep is poor, your doctor might recommend  remedies like melatonin or valerian. They can also offer advice on behavioral changes, such as  getting a standing desk, altering your diet, or finding exercises that work for your body and your  schedule.  

Always talk to your doctor before adopting any new health routine. Your physician will have plenty of  resources and counsel for you on how to feel more energetic. Don’t think it’s not important enough to  go to the doctor. An examination will help rule out factors and open possibilities and any need for  specialists.  

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