Care Under Quarantine

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Rochester Holistic Psychiatry has been doing a lot of remote psychiatry through telemedicine.  Telemedicine is a remote method of providing care, typically using audio and video via computer or smartphone.

We realize that it may be unfamiliar, but we hope you’ll join us in using this excellent tool, because it offers plenty of advantages.  Also, try our OTHER TIPS on how to stay well during quarantine.

Telepsychiatry is Accessible

Several unfortunate factors apart from pandemics often limit people from seeking psychiatric help, such as living in a rural area, no practical method of travel, advanced age, or caregiver duty.  Telepsychiatry allows anyone with a device connected to the Internet to access mental health care.  If there is a language barrier, interpreters are available so that no one has to go without help.

Telepsychiatry is Efficient

Remote mental health care saves time and effort on both sides.  The patient is saved transit, doesn’t need to arrange care for dependents, and is less likely to need time off work.  For the psychiatrist, it allows them to see more patients, reduces delays, and reduces no-shows.

Telepsychiatry is Safe

The entire goal of telemedicine is to provide remote care, a necessity during this time of social distancing.  Remote mental health care keeps the patient, psychiatrist, and the public safe from airborne viruses.  Many patients also deal with comorbidity, which means that a mental health disorder accompanies a physical condition which may limit mobility and interaction.  Psychiatrists are able to augment care from general physicians and specialists via audio and video interaction.

Telepsychiatry is Easy to Use

If you have a webcam, or even just a phone, you can jump on a video call or dial in.  Telepsychiatry can be used for psychiatric evaluations, group therapy, family therapy, medication monitoring, and more.  Remote mental health care also reduces stigma and anxiety associated with seeing a psychiatrist, as we are most comfortable in our homes.

Stay Home and See Us

Rochester Holistic Psychiatry is open to serve your mental health needs through quarantine and beyond.  Telepsychiatry is just as effective as in-person treatment and provides the same level of privacy and confidentiality.  Call us today to set up a remote mental health care appointment.